IBU was created out of an initiative of manufacturers of construction products and components who decided to support the demand for more sustainability in the construction sector.


Environmental Product Declaration (EPDs) form the data basis for an environmental building assessment.

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IBU welcomes Stiferite as a new member

New Member at IBU: Stiferite Srl In June 2016 the Italian company Stiferite Srl joined Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. For all its products, the manufacturer of foam insulation panels has decided to create Environmental Product Declarations that will be verified and published through IBU.  IBU is well pleased to welcome yet another international company that is committed to sustainability.

Contact with the Finnish EPD programme RTS

During a stay in Helsinki IBU took the chance for a mutual introduction of the EPD programmes with the Finnish programme operator RTS (Building Information Foundation RTS sr).

EPD & ECO Platform, a successful story

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