Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. makes the LCA-based data from the Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for building products available in digital form as XML files on the basis of the ILCD format for downloading from IBU.data.

IBU thereby permits and promotes the use of EPD data for calculating component and building Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) in software tools as well as the subsequent assessment of environmental impacts at building level from a sustainability perspective.

I agree to the terms of use of IBU.data. For XML-Downloads you must register first.

The use of IBU.data is free of charge.



What is IBU.data?2017-05-24T17:39:29+02:00

IBU.data is a data base, provided by Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V., containing the LCA-based data from the Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) by manufacturers of building materials, digitalised in XML format, and made available to the public. This makes it possible to apply it when calculating building LCAs.

Why does IBU now have its own data base?2017-05-24T17:41:06+02:00

In the form of IBU.data, IBU offers significantly added value for the users of EPDs: a data base of its own is associated with short publication cycles for new EPDs while in-house operation means that all IBU EPDs generated in the EPD online tool can now be made available in digital form for the first time. This reduces dependence on the specifications of external data base operators.

This also makes IBU.data a pioneer of development in Europe among programme operators of EPDs hoping to make their data available to the public in digital form. This is based on the concept of the European InData team which entails programme owners developing a network of digital EPD data as XML files based on the ILCD format (International Life Cycle Dataset).

What EPD data can I find on IBU.data and how up to date is it?2017-05-24T17:42:21+02:00

IBU.data publishes all EPD data sets generated and published at IBU using the EPD online tool. Thanks to its direct link to EPD-Online, IBU.data is always up to date.

What does it cost to use the data?2020-02-06T19:24:07+01:00

Use of the data offered on IBU.data is free of charge for end users for the purpose of information and use for Building LCAs. Click here for the terms of use. A separate licence agreement is required for all other types of use. Please contact info@ibu-epd.com for more information.


How can I access the data from my software tool?2020-02-06T19:24:24+01:00

The general public does not currently have access to the website. If you are interested in accessing IBU.data from a building LCA tool via the online interface, please contact info@ibu-epd.com for more information.

General Terms of Use of IBU.data

With the IBU.data platform the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. makes available a standardised digital database for the life-cycle assessment of structures whereby building materials and building components are described with respect to their ecological impact. IBU.data provides company- or association-specific datasets from Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).
The datasets published in IBU.data can be viewed by the end user and may be downloaded for the purpose of calculating building life-cycle assessments after registering free of charge.  Any further commercial use of the data, in particular circulating it to third parties, requires entering into a licensing agreement.

By registering on IBU.data you accept these Terms of Use without restriction and reserve.

1. Information on registering for the purpose of using the database content

 1.1 Use without Registration

In principle it is possible to just view datasets published on IBU.data in html mode without registration.

1.2  Use with Required Registration

If data is to be downloaded from IBU.data, registration on IBU.data is absolutely essential for downloading the data.

1.2.1 Registration, User Data

Only registered users may download datasets for calculating building life-style assessments from IBU.data. Registration is carried out via the IBU.data user registration screen. During registration the user undertakes to the IBU to give truthful, exact, current and complete details on his identity, professional activity and contact details. The IBU must be notified of any changes to the user data and the user account must be updated accordingly.  For this purpose the user may make changes to his own data at any time. The user is informed that IBU may carry out a check of the details on the form.

1.2.2 User Account and Password

Registered users undertake to create one account only. As part of the registration process, the user will be sent an activation link for the account to the email address given by him on registration. Access to the download area of the XML files will only be possible when the user has completed the whole activation process stated in the email.  The email address given and the password chosen by the user on registration enable access to the dataset download area. 

2. Availability, Updating and Accuracy of IBU.data

The EPDs are products of the IBU. Extracts from the EPDs are published in the IBU.data online database. The information obtained is based on information from the manufacturers. In spite of conscientious processing of the information available the IBU cannot assume any liability for the details being up to date and accurate nor for the evaluation of the products. The user of the EPDs, the processor/purchaser of the products or the consultant/planner recommending these products is not absolved from the responsibility to test the intended application for himself.

The IBU enables the user to access its IBU.data database via the internet.

The IBU reserves the right to make modifications or additions to the information, data and layouts provided without notice.

The user has no entitlement to the availability of the domain or the corresponding server. Therefore any liability of the IBU in this regard is excluded. Furthermore the IBU reserves the right to suspend or completely terminated the operation of the database and the domain at any time.

  • Transfer of Rights of Use
  • Right to Use Free of Charge

3. Using the database content free of charge is the rule.

The IBU transfers to the user the simple, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable right to use the database content free of charge for his own use, which includes a readout of the data via html. Only registered users are entitled to download digital datasets by means of individual request from the database for the purpose of calculating life-cycle assessments.

The content of the online data must not be changed or imitated. Nor may it be circulated to third parties or used commercially.

3.1 Right to Use Free of Charge

If the user is seeking commercial use of the digitalised datasets or to circulate them to third parties, this must be arranged with the IBU in advance and agreed separately.

By commercial is meant here a use that

  • consists in downloading parts of the database or database content as a whole for purposes other from building life-cycle assessments
  • is aimed at offering the database content of the IBU.data to third parties against payment or free of charge via own tools.

The entitlement to use going beyond the commercial use of the data described under clause 3.1 is subject to payment. 

4. Suspension and termination of the user accounts

The IBU has the right to suspend the provision of IBU.data for individual users where the registration procedures breach these Terms of Use, as laid down under clause 5.

If the user has given incorrect, unspecific, outdated or incomplete details, the IBU has the right to block user account and to deny the user access to IBU.data in future. The same applies in the event that the user has violated applicable laws, in particular criminal or copyright laws or such that protect the rights of third parties, or if his conduct is damaging to the interests of the IBU or to a natural person or legal entity that is in a legal relationship to the IBU.

If the user breaches the provisions of clauses 3.1 and 3.2 of these Terms of Use, the IBU has likewise the right to block the user account and to deny him access to the download area of the IBU.data in future. Further claims for damages by the IBU remain unaffected by this. 

The user has the right to access and correct and is entitled and able to delete his user account himself or to request from the IBU that this is done. For this he can write to the following email address: info@ibu-epd.com or to the following postal address: Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V., Panoramastraße 1, 10178 Berlin.

5. Claims for Defects and Liability

5.1 Liability of the User

The materials and software required to access the page and use the IBU.data database are charged exclusively to the user. It is his responsibility to take all appropriate actions to protect his own data, EDP systems and/or software programs from infection by viruses. The use of the information, messages or data of any kind communicated by the service are the sole responsibility of the user. Also decisions or actions that the latter considers or carries out because of the information result in no further liability than that of the user.  The user bears the sole responsibility towards the IBU and, if applicable, towards third parties, for the use he makes of the page and the service as well as for all direct and indirect damage of any kind caused by a piece of information or another content element. 

5.2 Liability of the IBU

The IBU will take the usual care corresponding to the requirements of a database operator for updating and care of the database content, whereby the IBU is dependent on the supply of data by third parties. The IBU makes no representations that the content made available with the products and its selection is correct, up to date and complete. The user is himself responsible for the correct use of the database and a final check of the data and its evaluation.

In spite of a regular data backup by the IBU, data dropouts or even data losses may occur. The IBU accepts no liability for this.

The IBU is only liable under the statutory regulations for damage for injury to life, limb or health in the event of gross negligence by the IBU, a legal representative or vicarious agent or for damage falling under a warranty or assurance given by the IBU. In the case of slight negligence, the IBU is only liable for damage that is typical of this type of contract and foreseeable and only where a cardinal obligation has been breached. Apart from that, liability for slight negligence is excluded.

The IBU is not liable for damage arising from malfunctions on lines, servers and other equipment that is not in the area of responsibility of the IBU. 

6. Copyright

The databases to which the INU grants the user access are copyright-protected. All rights are reserved to the provider. The consent to the present Terms of Use by the user is considered at the same time as recognition of the intellectual property rights. The user acquires a right of use only in the scope determined under clause 3.

7. Privacy Policy

7.1 Personal Data

The IBU takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. The personal data of the user is stored by the IBU for processing as part of the use of the IBU.data database. All personal data transmitted by the user during registration at IBU.data is collected lawfully and in good faith.  

7.2 Customer’s research requests and user profiles are treated in confidence by the provider.

8. Governing Law and Place of Jurisdiction

The legal relationship between the IBU and the user of the database as well as all claims and legal disputes arising from it are governed solely by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In the event that the user is a merchant, a corporate body under public law or a special fund under public law, the parties agree for all legal disputes from or based on these Terms of Use the competent courts of the registered office of the IBU as place of jurisdiction. This does not apply if an exclusive place of jurisdiction is laid down by law. Differing terms and conditions do not apply – unless agreed in writing by the parties.