IBU Webinar:

IBU – Webinar Contact-Management

This is a recording from a webinar refering IBU contact-management and new features inside the online-tool.




Impressions from the IBU: Why we are committed to EPDs and sustainable building

We asked ourselves in our network: What added value do life cycle assessments (LCA) provide? Why do building material manufacturers rely on EPDs and why are they a member of the IBU? You will find the answers in this video.



EPDs: From Construction Products to Sustainable Buildings

The sequel to our first explanatory film: Now we explain the principle of sustainability certification schemes for buildings and the role of life cycle assessment, EPDs and the various environmental indicators in these schemes.


Film – Explaining the EPD:

What is an EPD?

In an easily understandable and descriptive way, this video shows the purpose and use that EPDs have for building products, the differences between EPDs and other environmental labels, and how an EPD is created.

IBU Webinar:

ÖKOBAUDAT / Bilingual Datasets

The new feature for biligual EPDs, those available in German and English, is presented as a major innovation. At the beginning of the year 2017, the third update of ÖKOBAUDAT will also take place. EPD data which have not yet been transferred (or only the German EPD has been transferred) and should be found in the new version of the ÖKOBAUDAT must be processed by the EPD-Online-Tool of IBU by the 10.01.2017. These EPD can then be transferred via the IBU interface and then published in ÖKOBAUDAT.

IBU Webinar:

Transmission of EPD Data Records into ÖKOBAUDAT

In this webinar recording (in German), declaration owners learn how they can use the EPD Online Tool interface to transfer their published EPD data records into ÖKOBAUDAT.

IBU Webinar:

Introduction to the EPD Editor Client

In this webinar recording (in English), EPD Online Tool users are shown how they can work on EPDs offline with the assistance of the EPD Editor Client.