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IBU Verifiers Fulfil High Standards

The independent verifiers appointed by the IBU Advisory Board are responsible for the EPD projects assigned them by the IBU. They review manufacturer EPDs for plausibility, conformity, and completeness, as well as for the transparency of the calculations and information provided. They then create a verification report that is submitted to the IBU.

The verifiers must fulfil high standards in terms of their qualifications and skills. As experts in science and standardisation and as members of testing and certification institutions, they possess wide-ranging knowledge about products, methods, and standards. Before being appointed by the Advisory Board, they are required to undergo a supervised work phase and to commit themselves to on-going training within the context of the IBU programme. The verifiers ensure that decisions taken by the Advisory Board are carried out. Their independence guarantees their neutrality towards the declaration owners, allowing IBU EPDs to comply with the requirement for independent third-party verification.

From the verifiers appointed by the Advisory Board:

  • Dr. Jane Andersson (GB)
  • Christina Bocher (D)
  • Dr. Andreas Ciroth (D)
  • Stefan Diederichs (D)
  • Vito D’Incognito (I)
  • Juliane Franze (D)
  • Prof. Dr. Birgit Grahl (D)
  • Sascha Iqbal (CH)
  • Matthias Klingler (CH)
  • Olivier Mueller (F)
  • Carl-Otto Neven (S)
  • Angela Schindler (D)
  • Dr. Eva Schmincke (D), chair of verifier committee
  • Matthias Schulz (D)
  • Dr. Wolfram Trinius (D)
  • Dr. Frank Werner (CH)
  • Patricia Wolf (D)
  • Therese Daxner (D)