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A Guarantor for Quality and Independence in Sustainable Building Celebrates a Milestone

2018-01-29T11:29:08+00:00 29.01.2018|

The IBU Advisory Board Holds Its 50th Meeting – Its Expertise, Independence, and Continuity Are the Guarantee for the Quality of the IBU Programme.

The IBU Advisory Board is the top-level expert body for the work performed by the IBU and for the operation of its international EPD programme for construction products. These dedicated experts, who come from the areas of science and standardisation, as well as building and environmental authorities, bu

The building materials industry is committed: IBU Partnership with the Tenth Annual German Sustainability Award

2017-12-13T11:30:48+00:00 11.12.2017|

Presentation of the Special Prize for “Resource Efficiency” – An Appeal for Digitisation Strategies

The tenth annual German Sustainability Award, a two-day event held in Düsseldorf on December 7 and 8, 2017, was attended by a large number of participants who came from the fields of politics, the economy, and research. For the third consecutive year, the Institut Bauen und Welt e.V. (IBU) served as institutional partner to the German Sustainability Award (DNP)

Current status to the EN 15804+A2

2017-12-13T08:47:18+00:00 05.12.2017|

First Draft of EN 15804+A2 Following Adoption of Amendment M350

After eleven meetings held subsequent to the last plenary session in Berlin in November 2016, a first draft of the new EN 15804+A2 was presented in October 2017 in Valetta, Malta. The draft had been prepared by six working groups, who met independently to develop the draft and compile it for presentation at the 2017 plenary session.

Extended and renamed PCR part B

2017-11-28T11:55:47+00:00 28.11.2017|

New rules for the PCR part B “Cable tray systems for cable ladder systems” and “Boards and panels made of plastic”

After the approval of the Advisory Board (IBU SVR) the PCR Part B “Cable Carrier Systems for Electrical Installations” is renamed to “Cable carrier and cable channels for cable ladder systems” and extended its scope.