IBU office with extensive services

The IBU’s home office in Berlin serves as a competence centre for all issues related to the EPD programme, the environmental impact of construction products, and/or sustainable building. The six-member team led by Managing Director Dr Alexander Roeder acts as a resource for members and all construction industry companies and associations seeking to promote sustainable construction through the creation of EPDs. The IBU team also provides active support during EPD creation, providing advice and walking the creators through the process.

The office coordinates the work performed by the Board, the Advisory Board, and the verifiers, supports networking between representatives from the areas of economy, science, standardisation, and politics, and is the first point of contact for anyone wishing to learn more about the IBU and EPDs. In addition, the home office team provides support and guidance to all IBU members. Other responsibilities include planning committee meetings, member events, and seminars as well as handling public relations activities, trade fair participation, and other IBU events.

Overview of Services Offered by the IBU:

  • Support and guidance for all questions related to EPD creation
  • Access to the EPD-Online Tool and the IBU.data database
  • Publication of EPDs (including in international EPD programmes)
  • Dissemination of information through targeted press releases, explanatory videos, newsletters, etc.
  • Presentations and workshops led by industry experts
  • Support and guidance in communications-related activities regarding EPDs
  • Active involvement in the establishment of Europe-wide harmonisation of EPDs – ECO Platform
  • Networking and communication with sustainability experts, political representatives, and standardisation professionals
  • Participation in political and standardisation committees

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