The Largest Cross-Industry Association for Sustainability Information on German Construction Products and the Building Materials Sector

Different Industries – a Common Goal

IBU members include companies, corporations, and associations from across all sectors of the building materials industry. By becoming members of the IBU, they support the promotion of sustainable building, with special emphasis on ensuring that construction products and building-related products are safe for the environment and human health. To accomplish this, they create and publish environmental product declarations at the IBU, in which they disclose the environmental impact of their products and then have the information verified by independent third parties within the IBU EPD programme.

At present, the IBU has more than 200 full members from all areas of the building product industry –including members from the building construction and civil engineering sectors as well as the technical building equipment sector. In addition to a large number of individual companies and corporations, IBU members also include well over 40 industry associations, representing a wide variety of product groups and European umbrella organisations. Through their membership in the IBU, some 2,800 individual companies have access to the EPD programme, and many of these manufacturers are already taking advantage of the opportunity to publish their EPDs, either in collaboration with their associations or as independent declaration holders.

An overview of our total membership.

The IBU Is Expanding – and Not Only in Germany!

IBU membership has continued to steadily grow over the course of many years. This indicates that the topic of sustainable building is far more than just a trend, and that there is high and growing demand for transparency and credibility – as well as verifiable facts and figures – for products in the building materials industry.

This holds true well beyond Germany’s borders: Currently, manufacturers from twenty different countries are members of the IBU – based in Germany, Europe, and throughout the world. Sixty-six of these companies and associations, i.e. approximately one-third of the membership, have their headquarters abroad. This underscores the fact that the IBU is indeed an international programme holder.

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IBU members come from manifold countries