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The IBU Network – The driving force for Sustainability in the Building Industry

Sustainability is a task that involves society as a whole. The public reporting and consumer awareness of recent and continuing developments, such as the environmental management of companies and organisations, are often still limited to such topics as energy efficiency, CO2 reduction, or the trend towards renewable raw materials. The complexity and multi-layered ecological aspects of sustainability, as well as the potential offered by more vigilant treatment of our environment and its resources for improvement in different areas of our life – particularly in the building sector – need to be communicated much more effectively.

Netzwerkpartner des IBU

IBU is therefore involved in a variety of committees and networks whose focus is on sustainability in the building industry and on promoting sustainable development, and who have made it their mission to sensitise the public to this issue. This makes it possible for IBU – and thus also its members – to join in the dialogue and have an impact on the political processes. At the same time, IBU offers support and consultation to a variety of stakeholders in the political and business realms. Through the involvement of several representatives from universities on the Advisory Board, IBU maintains close contact with current science and research activities.

On the basis of its professional reputation and position as the leading EPD programme operator in Europe, IBU is regularly consulted as a source of information by a wide range of specialised media organisations in the areas of building and building products, planning, architecture, and sustainable management. In addition, IBU maintains constant communication and exchange with the leading building materials industry associations and building industry organisations.