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The Institut Bauen und Umwelt e. V. (IBU) is an association of building product manufacturers who have joined forces to operate an international environmental product declaration programme. The IBU is committed to sustainable building and believes that those who market their products as sustainable must also be able to prove this. This is precisely what the construction materials industry is doing in working with the IBU to create environment product declarations (EPDs) – an internationally recognised and standardised tool for the sustainability certification of buildings.


IBU was created out of an initiative of manufacturers of construction products and components who decided to support the demand for more sustainability in the construction sector.


Environmental Product Declaration (EPDs) form the data basis for an environmental building assessment.

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A Guarantor for Quality and Independence in Sustainable Building Celebrates a Milestone

The IBU Advisory Board Holds Its 50th Meeting – Its Expertise, Independence, and Continuity Are the Guarantee for the Quality of the IBU Programme. The IBU Advisory Board is the top-level expert body for the work performed by the IBU and for the operation of its international EPD programme for co

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BAU 2019

14. January 2019 - 19. January 2019

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