Sustainability, Not a Throw-Away Economy

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Prestigious Speakers Set the Tone for the IBU Annual General Meeting

For a society to become aware of its environmental responsibilities, it must have visionaries and pioneers – including from among its business community. This is the conclusion drawn from the programme presented at this year’s Annual General Meeting of the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU). The reasoning behind this is that sustainability cannot be enforced in top-down. In order to be able to meet the Age

What Actually Goes into Making a Building Sustainable?

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From EPDs to LEED Certificates to CO2-Neutral Urban Districts

Kay Killmann, President of the German Green Building Association (GGBA), has a mission: ensuring that environmental product declarations are available for every product installed in a building. During a presentation at the EUREF campus in Berlin, he emphasised that this is because ‘they contribute to the construction of sustainable buildings and are also very much in demand’. His presentation was h

Scientific Paper: “Assessing the Ability of the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Program to Reliably Determine the Environmental Performance of Products”

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The ability of C2CP to reliably determine the environmental performance of products

Nikolay Minkov, Vanessa Bach and Matthias Finkbeiner from the TU Berlin have published a scientific paper in the journal Sustainability of the publisher MDPI (Multidiscipli

Journal Article: The Utilisation of Environmental Product Declarations in Green Public Procurement

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Documenting Environmental Criteria in Public Tenders

Green Public Procurement (GPP), an environmentally-conscious approach to purchasing, is a valuable tool for ensuring that environmental criteria weigh in more heavily in the construction industry. This option has rarely been put in practice until now, however, since contracting organizations have been uncertain as to how to formulate legally-compliant environmental requirements for construction products.