IBU supports transition to new EPD standard with attractive pricing


The new European standard EN 15804+A2 regulating EPDs for construction products will have particular impacts on the impact assessment stage; therefore, it will be impossible to compare EPD results with those according to the previous version EN 15804+A1. In order to offer all declaration owners an efficient and effective solution for the long transition period of 3 years, IBU has developed an attractive pricing model; it fully passes on the considerable synergies from a parallel EPD calc

Sustainability, Not a Throw-Away Economy


Prestigious Speakers Set the Tone for the IBU Annual General Meeting

For a society to become aware of its environmental responsibilities, it must have visionaries and pioneers – including from among its business community. This is the conclusion drawn from the programme presented at this year’s Annual General Meeting of the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU). The reasoning behind this is that sustainability cannot be enforced in top-down. In order to be able to meet the Age