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There are more than 200 IBU members coming from companies and associations from all ranges of materials in the construction material sector; from the civil and structural engineering sector and technical building services. Most of our members and declaration owners are from Germany but some are also from European and non-European countries. Together these declaration owners have created more than 1,000 EPDs so far.


In order to become a member, you have to be an association or a company from the construction material sector. IBU has developed different kind of EPDs to also serve small and medium sized companies well.

By becoming an IBU member, construction product manufacturers show that they are pioneers in sustainability. Creating EPDs is a sign for their endeavour to constantly improve the quality of their products in regard to environmental aspects. Furthermore, EPDs bring a competitive edge in tenders, because they facilitate access to building projects for manufacturers.



Services of IBU for communication with EPD


  • IBU exhibition package (plate & sticker (in German)
  • IBU brochure
  • IBU flyer
  • EPD handover ceremonies
  • general support in communication
  • press articles, text modules, gap texts  for EPD handovers
  • Mutual recognition of EPD
  • 2 Explaining videos about EPDs and sustainable buildings
  • Members’ area on the IBU website

Your company or association wants to create EPDs at IBU and/or wants to become an IBU member?

  • Full membership

Associations as well as manufacturers and distributers from the construction industry can become full members:

Companies can become full members at IBU themselves or through their membership in an association that has already become a member at IBU. EPDs can then be created at IBU, provided the respective product is included in association’s product range.

Associations that are full members at IBU can transfer their right to create EPDs to their member companies (“further declaration owners”).

  • Associated membership

In case of an associated membership this option is not available. The associations decide to solely create Association EPDs, which means that their members cannot create their own EPDs or individualized EPDs through their association. Should a company wish to create their own EPD they have to become a full member at IBU.

  • Supporting membership

Any organization, company or person that wants to support the guiding principles of IBU can become a supporting member (without participating in the IBU Programme). In order to file for a supporting membership just send a letter/ email to the IBU office.

The board takes the decision on the membership and the final admission.

Relevant documents for association & EPD Programme

general programme instructions
Beitragsordnung 2017
assoziierte Mitgliedschaft

The PCR documents (Product Category Rules) part A and part B can be found in the EPD-Online Tool.