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Wahlprüfsteine: Policy wants transparency in sustainable construction – Life cycle assessments are the answer

2017-11-09T11:59:29+00:00 14.09.2017|

IBU focuses on information and education

In the run-up to the parliamentiary elections in Germany IBU has asked the parties with so called “Wahlprüfsteine” to their opinion regarding sustainable construction and transparancy of environmental information. The results are published by IBU below in German.

Insulation material manufacturer GLAPOR has become an IBU member

2017-09-11T14:13:39+00:00 11.09.2017|

Institut Bauen und Umwelt e. V. is pleased to welcome the medium-sized, Bavarian company GLAPOR as a new member. GLAPOR uses 100% recycling glass for producing sustainable insulation material to insulate floors, walls, façades and roofs.

What Factors Determine Whether a Building Is Sustainable?

2017-11-09T11:32:04+00:00 03.07.2017|

A new explanatory film from the IBU shows the methodology behind sustainable building certification

The term ‘sustainability’ seems to be on everyone’s lips. However, it is frequently used selectively, and sometimes with an over-inflated meaning. Anyone who advertises their products as being ‘sustainable’ must be prepared to prove it. This is precisely what the construction materials industry is doing with their Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), an important tool in

IBU EPDs: Now Digital, Thanks to

2017-12-13T11:48:28+00:00 19.06.2017|

Verified Life Cycle Assessment Data for Construction Products Is Now Available in Digital Form, Simplifying Access for Users

Increasingly, whether in the planning process or in building operation, data needs to be accessed by all those involved in a project. This means that it must be simultaneously available to all participants – ideally, in a format that can be used across all areas of specialisation. Only when this has been achieved, does the potential that digitalisation

Focus on BIM, Standardisation, and Construction Product Law

2017-12-13T11:45:14+00:00 06.06.2017|

Comprehensive Information for IBU Members at the 2017 Annual General Meeting

At this year’s General Meeting, participants were offered a morning programme that covered a wide variety of topics and information concerning national and, in particular, international developments in sustainable building.

IBU 2017 Annual General Meeting

2017-12-13T11:35:33+00:00 01.06.2017|

Confirmation of the IBU President and Election of Board Members

At this year’s IBU General Meeting, held on 30 May 2017, IBU members unanimously re-elected Professor Horst Bossenmayer to a sixth term as President of the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. The Board thanked Professor Bossenmayer for his untiring dedication to the IBU programme.

Annual Report 2016 of the IBU was presented

2017-12-13T12:09:45+00:00 31.05.2017|

Looking back on a successful business year

At the IBU General Meeting on 20 May 2017, IBU Managing Director Dr Burkhart Lehmann presented the 2016 Annual Report, thereby officially bringing the fiscal year to a close and offering a positive retrospective on 2016 and the developments that took place at the IBU during the year.

International Workshop: The Missing Link Between BIM and LCA Data

2017-04-12T14:26:38+00:00 22.03.2017|

InData: Focus on the digital EPD

At the initiative of the International Open Data Network for Sustainable Building (InData), on 16 February, in conjunction with the BauZ! 2017 Congress in Vienna, an international workshop was held, entitled ‘Linking Building Information Modelling (BIM) to Life Cycle Assessments (LCA)’ – with particular focus on Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).