EPD Programme

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The EPD Programme of IBU

Type III Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for building products are based on the ISO 14025 and EN 15804 international standards, and are suitable for all building-related products and services. They require verification by independent third parties and contain comprehensive and quantitative information based on a life cycle assessment. Their environmental effects are made transparent and are represented neutrally, without evaluation.

EPDs IBUWithin the context of the IBU EPD programme, companies and associations alike can create EPDs for their building products. In the first step, Product Category Rules (PCRs) will be developed if none currently exist for the appropriate product group. These specify which product-specific life cycle assessment data and further information will then need to be entered into the EPD by the manufacturer in the second step. In the final step, the EPD will be reviewed by independent third parties and, following its verification by the IBU, be published.

What first began in 2005 with the publication of two EPDs has become the industry standard for building materials today – and this is due to the successful work of the IBU, not only in Germany, but throughout Europe, and worldwide as well. Now, after more than a decade, the IBU can look back on over 1,000 successfully reviewed and published EPDs that supply reliable life cycle assessment data for over 10,000 products. The IBU has therefore become one of the foremost programme operators. Companies from 18 different countries are currently IBU members, whose EPDs are published through the IBU programme.