Current decisions of the Advisory Board

SVR Decisions from October 2017

The IBU Advisory Board (SVR) decided in its last meeting in October 2017 on these topics.

Decision no. 20171027-d: The PCR “Cable tray systems for cable ladder systems” is renamed and the scope extended to PCR Part B: Cable carrier and cable channels for cable ladder systems

PCR Part B: for coatings with organic binding agents (following the circulation procedure)

The following remarks by the SVR concern PCR, Part B:

– The scope in the existing PCR “Boards and panels made of plastic” should be changed for indoor applications.

– A new PCR is to be published under plastics for outdoor applications.

Decision no. 20171027-f:Once the above amendments have been integrated, the PCR can be published.

Decision no. 20171027-h:Outstanding items from the verifier meeting (resubmission from the 44th meeting) have been clarified.

Regulation governing association and sample EPDs (task no. 20170712-12: Dr Werner)

The topics of representativity and individualisation are discussed.

There are 2 stages of individualisation:

1. Only the cover sheet and poss. the enclosures are changed; the owner of the declaration remains unchanged. Possible, e.g. for marketing purposes. Association logo remains on the cover sheet – not to be digitalised, only a PDF is created.

2. If individualisation is to be more extensive, i.e. if the manufacturer wishes to be the owner of the declaration, a procedure as for sample EPDs is to be presented to the SVR.

On representativity:

– In the PCR, Part B, new text is inserted in sections 3.1 Declared unit and 3.6 Data quality as well as in Scope.

Decision no. 20171027-i: The proposal is accepted by the SVR; the requisite amendments are to be implemented in the IBU rules documents.

IBU has published all SVR decisions.


SVR Decisions from July 2017

The IBU Advisory Board (SVR) decided in its last meeting in July 2017 on these topics.

The scope for the following PCRs has been extended:

PCR Part B: Coatings with organic binders

  • The coating products can take the form of dispersions, emulsions, solvents, powder mixtures or preformed, dried elements for coating surfaces.

PCR Part B: Bathtub and showers made of steel enamel or acrylic

  • The document is valid for: Bathtubs, shower trays, washbasins and washstands made from composite materials such as steel enamel, acrylic and mineral cast
  • Renamed to: Sanitary products made from composite materials

Further decisions of the SVR from the last meeting:

Decision no. 20170712-h: The new ADP indicator name is implemented in the PCR

Decision no. 20170712-i: The product definition is changed in the PCR.

Decision no. 20170712-k: Software tools must always declare the maximum scope in the first EPD (if the tool can calculate A1-C4+D incl. scenarios, the first EPD from the tool must also depict all of these cases).

Decision no. 20170712-l: Software tools necessitate all EPDs to be supplied as XML files (in ILCD+EPD format) to enable publication in IBU.Data. There is an exception for System II tools where it shall suffice if a reference product presented to the Expert Committee within the framework of tool approval is available as an XML file (the manufacturer makes proposals for the reference products).

Decision no. 20170712-n: Modules B3, B4 and B5 are only of relevance at building level and are referred to as MNR in the IBU system.

Decision no. 20170712-o: In Module B2, the expenses associated with maintenance, repair etc. are declared over the product’s period of use in the IBU range. This decision shall apply until revoked by the ECO Platform.


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