Parthos Deutschland GmbH becomes a member of the IBU

IBU welcomes manufacturer of partition systems

For more than 50 years, Parthos has been producing mobile partition systems, folding walls and folding doors and offers its customers complete interior fittings on request. Meanwhile, Parthos is on the move worldwide for banks, hotels, educational institutions and many other organizations and, for example, creates flexible room concepts for large function rooms.

ParthosParthos focuses on EPDs for more customer satisfaction

Currently, an EPD for the partition wall Palace 110 SI is being created. This 11 cm thick mobile partition achieves a sound insulation value of 57 dB. There is a wide selection of surfaces and sizes, including curved elements.
Parthos has realized that in addition to design and functionality, more and more clients are focusing on sustainability. In order to increase customer satisfaction and meet green building requirements,
Parthos Deutschland GmbH has decided to rely on EPDs from the IBU and to present the product characteristics of the partition in a transparent way.

Sustainable from the machine to the final product

Through the process of creating EPDs, Parthos is sharpening its focus on sustainability. For example, own wood waste is used to generate energy. Suppliers and the products and means of production used are also being given even greater attention to sustainability aspects. For example, Parthos also pays attention to energy consumption, emissions, lifespan and recycling and disposal options at the end of their life cycle when purchasing equipment. The resulting environmental impact of the final products, in this case the Palace 110 SI 57 dB partitioner, is what Parthos aims to use to show and prove its customers transparently with the help of the EPD.

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