New version of PCR Part A

IBU has published a new Version of PCR part A 

Changes to the prior version of the PCR Part A are editorial changes, clarifications in the chapter 6.2 (End of Life scenarios) and 6.5.4 (allocation).

PCR Part A Cover

The new version 1.7 is now available for download on any newly created EPD in the EPD-Online tool.

About the PCRs of the IBU

According to DIN EN ISO 14025, product category rules are the compilation of specific rules, requirements or guidelines to produce Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for one or more product categories. The IBU’s EPD program divides the PCR into two parts, A and B. The PCR Part A contains the calculation rules for the LCA, which apply uniformly to all construction products, as well as the requirements for the background report. PCR Part B regulates the specific requirements for the respective product group for the contents of the EPD.

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