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greenBUILDING – Fachverlag Schiele & Schön

Markgrafenstr. 11
10969 Berlin

Viola Heinrich, manager
Tel.:  +49 30 25 37 52 29
Fax: +49 30 25 37 52 88

Supporting Member since 2016

about the Member:

In January 2016, with the addition of the publishing house, Fachverlag Schiele & Schön, the IBU was able to welcome a second supporting member into the association.

Managing Director Harald Rauh expressed his pleasure about becoming a member of the association and the even closer cooperation between the publishing house and the IBU in the future: ‘I am very happy to have been accepted into the IBU community. We started to become interested in sustainable building and living about 8 years ago. Shortly thereafter, we founded greenbuilding in order to be able to address this topic, as well as the rapid development within the sector, as a publishing house. In the meantime, our magazine has progressed very well – just as the IBU is becoming ever larger and more relevant. I hope that in the future we can present information and provide leadership together on the vital topic of sustainability’.

Schiele & SchönThe Fachverlag Schiele und Schön is the publisher of greenbuilding and the Deutsches Ingenieurblatt, two publications with great relevance for the communications of the IBU and its members.