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Mahaphant Fibre-Cement Public Company Limited (SHERA)

59 Moo 12, Saraburi-Lomsak Road, K.M. 16, Chongsarika Dist., Pattananikom
15220 Lopburi

Dr.-Ing. Wichit Prakaypan, Research & Innovation Executive Advisor
Tel.: +66 36 638 888 EXT. 403
Fax: +66 36 638 638

Member since 2015

about the Member:

Mahaphant has been manufacturing fibre cement products in Thailand since 1974 and is one of the market leaders of the sector in Asia. Their products are well-known and successful across Asia and abroad. Among their products there are cement building boards and plies for facades and walls, floors and also roof tiles made of fibre cement, sold under the brand names “SHERA“ and “Ha Huang“ which excel through their versatility, durability and their long service life.

The enterprise from Thailand takes on its social and ecological responsibility. They especially attach importance to their “Green Policy“, including several different measures to ensure  that all manufactured products help to protect the environment, and natural and energy resources are preserved . When, for example, producing fibre cement, mostly recycled raw materials and industrial by-products are used. Waste production and environmental impacts are minimized by accordingly designed production processes and plants. According to Mahaphant, customers can expect that the environmental impact of all products is being continuously decreased.

Throughout production, life cycle assessment data is comprehensively taken into consideration and therefore Mahaphant is able to offer products that can be a sustainable solution for a number of projects. The enterprise prides itself on that, as well as on its innovative manufacturing processes. In order to provide information on their products and have proof for their quality, Mahaphant has begun to create an EPD.