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European Federation of Concrete Admixtures Associations Ltd. (EFCA)

24 Newport Road, Wavendon
W17 1HP Watford

Dr. Trevor Grounds, Secretary
Tel. +44 7702 635231

Member since 2015

about the Member:

With EFCA – European Federation of Concrete Admixtures Associations Ltd – a federation of European national associations representing manufacturers of admixtures for concrete construction, mortars and screeds, another European association commits to sustainability via its membership at IBU.

Formed in 1984, EFCA is a federation of 11 National Associations representing concrete, mortar and screed admixture manufacturers based in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom. It is the voice of the European admixture producers – EFCA’s total membership provides in excess of 80% of admixture sales within Europe and represents all the major admixture manufacturers.

One of the aims of EFCA is to work for the improvement of the technical standards of the industry, for example the technical knowledge and know-how of the construction chemicals industry, innovation and environmental protection. ”Sustainability is very important to EFCA and its members as we have a duty to try to provide a sustainable built environment to which admixtures can contribute by using responsible production methods and through the enhancement and optimisation of the properties of concrete” says Trevor Grounds, secretary of EFCA.

This responsibility now leads to the development of European Model EPDs for six types of concrete admixtures for air entraining, plasticising and superplasticising, set retarding, set accelerating, hardening accelerating and water resisting that will be verified and published in the IBU programme. Giving more background to EFCA’s motivation, Trevor Grounds explains: “We believe that the model EPDs will have a general benefit on the market for concrete admixtures, being a means to demonstrate a responsible approach to identifying and reporting on the environmental impacts of using admixtures. Concrete producers will be able to use the data published in the EPDs for Life Cycle Analysis and preparation of their own EPDs. Therefore we are pleased to be Associate Members of IBU and look forward to the principle of model EPDs being accepted across the countries and programme holders involved within the ECO-Platform.” He also adds “EFCA would like to express its gratitude to its German colleagues at Deutsche Bauchemie for their strong and invaluable support within the project to develop these EFCA Model EPDs”.

IBU is the only organisation operating an EPD programme for construction products across sectors in Germany. It is based on the standards of ISO and CEN and publishes sector independent EPDs for construction products.