Mutual Recognition with Great Britain

Mutual Recognition with Great Britain 2017-04-12T14:26:08+00:00

Mutual Recognition with the EPD programm of BRE (Great Britain)

During the trade fair BAU 2017 in Munich, IBU has signed a new mutual recognition with BRE from the UK in the person of Managing Director Dr. Burkhart Lehmann and IBU President Prof. Dr. Horst Bossenmayer.

IBU BREFor BRE, Dr. Sharmir Ghumra, BRE Director of Sustainable Products, signed the mutual recognition at the IBU booth at BAU 2017. He said: “BRE is proud to have reached this milestone with IBU for the mutual recognition of EPD. As leading organisations for the provision of third-party-verified EPD to EN 15804 it is a significant step forwards for the proliferation of EPD. Industry can now have EPDs verified by BRE or IBU with the assurance that their EPD can be recognised in either the BRE or IBU listing service. We look forward to developing our relationship with IBU over the coming years. – Dr Shamir Ghumra, BRE Director of Sustainable Products.”

Contact person for the realization of mutual recognitions: Frank Grootens