ICDLI renews environmental product declarations (EPD)

EPDs for HPL and HPL compact

After the ICDLI (International Committee of the Decorative Laminates Industry aisbl) had developed an EPD for the first time in 2012, the environmental product declarations have now been updated. These are valid for five years. The environmental product declarations audited by the independent program holder Institute for Building and Environment e.V. (IBU) have been produced to the highest standard of type III.


f.l.t.r.: Dr. Burkhart Lehmann (IBU), Dr. Lutz Reitzel (Vice President ICDLI), Ralf Olsen (Secretary General ICDLI)

The new EPDs are valid for HPL and HPL compact. The two updated environmental product declarations (EPD) are proof of the environmental performance of construc-tion products and provide a basis for the ecological building evaluation. All necessary information, including impacts on the greenhouse effect, ozone depletion and primary energy requirements, are included at a glance.

In cooperation with the company thinkstep AG, all members of the ICDLI have reported their data, from which the two environmental product declarations have arisen. The new environmental product declarations deliver quantitative, verified and objective information on the effects of a product on the environment, using clearly defined parameters. The entire life cycle (cradle to cradle) of the product (raw material production, production, transport, use, disposal) is considered.


The ICDLI is the international representation of the HPL manufacturers. The ICDLI aims at creating a strong and successful European community of the manufacturers as well as at the continuation of the success story of HPL.



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