AgBB evaluation scheme in Product Category Rules

The Institut Bauen und Umwelt (IBU) updates the statements on the health assessment of construction products in its programme rules and incorporates the AgBB evaluation scheme 2018 into its Product Category Rules (PCRs).

The German Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB), which represents the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), the conference of construction ministers, the Federal Environment Agency and the German institute for construction technology (DIBt) among others, has published a new evaluation scheme. The AgBB’s mission is to develop the basis for building regulations to protect against indoor health problems. The current version has been valid since August 2018; the previous version will remain valid for a transitional phase until mid-2019.

The AgBB’s evaluation scheme is the determining standard for the testing and health assessment of volatile organic compounds emitted from construction products. “It has primarily been updated in order to implement the requirements of the harmonised, horizontal European test standard DIN EN 16516”, explained Dr. Oliver Jann, member of the council of experts for the IBU. This standard specifies the test conditions in more detail in order to increase the admissibility and reproducibility of the measurement of volatile organic compounds emitted from construction products. In addition, it introduces the sensory testing of construction product emissions as a new criterion. The new table has the following content and is incorporated into the PCRs in accordance with the 2018 AgBB evaluation scheme: