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Icon IBU-VerifiziererHigh Standards of Verification

Independence, expertise, and experience ensure the high quality of EPDs from IBU. Therefore, verification, or the review of the data by an independent third party, is a prerequisite for publication of an EPD through the IBU. The qualifications and competence of the independent verifiers appointed by the Advisory Board meet with high professional standards. These verifiers are experts from the fields of science and standardisation, from testing and certification institutions and have comprehensive product, method, and standardisation knowledge.

 The independent verifiers:

  • are experts in the life cycle assessment of building products
  • check the EPDs submitted by manufacturers for plausibility, consistency, and completeness, as well as for the transparency of the data and computations
  • create the verification report and submit it to the IBU

From the verifiers appointed by the Advisory Board:

  • Christina Bocher (D)
  • Dr. Andreas Ciroth (D)
  • Vito D’Incognito (I)
  • Juliane Franze (D)
  • Prof. Dr. Birgit Grahl (D)
  • Sascha Iqbal (CH)
  • Matthias Klingler (CH)
  • Dr. Daniela Kölsch (D)
  • Olivier Mueller (F)
  • Carl-Otto Neven (S)
  • Manfred Russ (D)
  • Angela Schindler (D)
  • Dr. Eva Schmincke (D)
  • Matthias Schulz (D)
  • Stefan Seum (D)
  • Dr. Wolfram Trinius (D)
  • Dr. Frank Werner (CH)
  • Patricia Wolf (D)
  • Angela Schindler (D)