IBU Chairman presents EPD at German Sustainability Day

Environmental Product Declaration for CALOSTAT

Evonik’s CALOSTAT receives IBU’s EPD certification with recycling scenario in Düsseldorf on German Sustainability Day

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) gives planners, architects and building owners objective, verifiable and recognised data on the environmental impact of CALOSTAT non-combustible high-performance insulation material. The possibility of recycling CALOSTAT is reflected in the figures and increases the attractiveness of the product.

On German Sustainability Day, Evonik received certification of the recently prepared EPD for its CALOSTAT non-combustible high-performance insulation material from Hans Peters, chairman of the Management Board of the Institut für Bauen und Umwelt (IBU), an association of building product manufacturers in Germany. The EPD takes into account the entire production process, from manufacture of precursors, their transport, production of CALOSTAT and the option of recycling the material. The EPD is published on the website of the IBU and may also be downloaded from www.calostat.com.


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