Flooring manufacturer Bolon joined IBU

Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. is happy to welcome Bolon, a Swedish family owned company, as a new member. Bolon has specialized in manufacturing Woven Vinyl flooring and at the same time focuses on high-class design and a sustainable way of thinking.  

BolonThe company was founded in Stockholm in 1949 and has since developed from a traditional flooring manufacturer to a high-class design company. Today, both the designing and production facilities are located in Ulricehamn, Sweden. The site offers Bolon environmental advantages in terms of shorter transport ways and logistics. As well as full control of the entire manufacturing process. Suppliers of refined resources deliver their goods within a radius of 250 kilometres the furthest. That means short transport distances and little environmental pollution.

Responsibility for the environment and sustainability play a key role at Bolon

Bolon has invested about 10 million euros into the process of transitioning to an even more sustainable business. According to Bolon, its motivation is to exceed current legislative requirements when producing its flooring. Therefore, Bolon Green applies specific measures to save resources and make the production process more environmentally friendly. For example, its geothermal method of cooling, using locally drawn groundwater rather than using refrigerants. The whole factory, the warehouse, the office buildings and the machines are cooled by geothermal means.

Bolon uses 33 % recycled waste materials to manufacture its products. Therefore, it commissioned its new onsite recycling plant in 2014. Bolon does not only recycle its own waste, but also waste from other industries that will be used in the production cycle. Recently, Bolon established a process where used flooring is shred and ground and made into granulate, which is used to produce new material. Furthermore, Bolon started to filter out particles in the factory air, a system that eliminates 98% of fumes occurring during production. By applying these measures, Bolon visibly contributes to more sustainability.

Sustainability is not an option for Bolon, it is a must

Bolon is very much involved in conserving the environment and resources and would like to communicate that in a credible way. For this reason, Bolon decided to create EPDs that will be published by IBU. “Bolon wanted to have a transparent environmental declaration of the products that can be used both by customers and inhouse at Bolon. As a company, we need to keep on working with sustainability issues, it is a never-ending story”, explains Michaela Ljungdahl, Product Sustainability Coordinator at Bolon.

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