Product Category Rules (PCR)

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PCR: Product Category Rules – Product Category Rules as the Basis for EPDs

According to DIN EN ISO 14025, product category rules are the compilation of specific rules, requirements, or guidelines used to create an Environmental Product Declaration for one or more product categories. In IBU’s EPD programme, the PCR are divided into two parts: A and B.

PCR Part A

PCR Part A contains the uniform life cycle assessment calculation rules for all building product subgroups, as well as the requirements for the background report. This part will be issued and maintained by the IBU Advisory Board (SVR).

PCR Teil B des IBU

PCR Part B

Part B regulates the specific product subgroup requirements for the contents of an EPD. A work group moderated by the IBU, consisting of IBU members (manufacturers) and external experts, will issue a draft of the guidance text for a specific product group.

The uniform requirements and basic contents of the EPD from PCR Part A for all product groups will thereby be adopted and expanded for product group specific requirements and possible explanations.

The draft will be submitted to the SVR, which will examine it for conformity to standards, consistency between the product groups, as well as for completeness and appropriateness, will make any necessary adjustments and ultimately approve it. In addition, via the IBU website, other interested groups are invited to examine and comment upon the PCR Part Bs published there, which have been reviewed and approved by the SVR.

Access to PCR

All current product category rules (PCR) for IBU building products in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804 can be found in the EPD online tool.

Please note: For security reasons, registration (free of charge) is required for access to the documents.