Current decisions of the Advisory Board

SVR decisions March 2017

During the last SVR Meeting in March 2017 new decisions were made: 

SachverständigenratRegulations governing the RSL:

Decision no. 20170315-e:

The SVR hopes for an unambiguous designation of the term “life span (according to the manufacturer)” and if possible an explanation for the author of the EPD with regard to the information to be provided. Once the changes have been integrated by IBU, the new texts will be published in the PCR, Part B.

Supplements to the PCR, Part A:

Decision no. 20170315-j: The changes on R1 in the PCR, Part A, are accepted (Chapter 5.5.6).

Decision no. 20170315-k: Following examination by Dr Werner and Dr Schmincke, some of the proposed changes to the PCR, Part A, by Ms Schindler and Ms Grahl are accepted, some of them are modified and some acknowledged.

Declaration of modules not of relevance for the product level, i.e. Modules B3-B5

Decision no. 20170315-i: The SVR agrees to the proposal re. Modules B3-B5. Prior to technical implementation, a comparison with other programme holders is advised within the framework of the ÖKOBAUDAT circle of users.

Withdrawal of decisions:

Decision no. 20170315-h: The following decisions of the SVR are withdrawn:

  1. Decision no. 20121004-e: Requirements on drawing up ESDs
  2. Decision no. 20140704-c: Definition of ESD
  3. Decision no. 20150630-e: technical data for declared product

All decisions made by the IBU Advisory Board can be found here.

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