IBU at the DACH+HOLZ 2018 International Trade Fair

EPDs continue to be used for an increasing number of products from renowned manufacturers in the timber construction and roofing industry.

Following his visit to this year’s DACH+HOLZ International, held from 20-23 February 2018 in Cologne, Germany, IBU Managing Director Burkhart Lehmann reports that environmental product declarations (EPDs) in accordance with EN 15804 have now become established in the roofing and timber construction industry.

Duraproof EPD Dach+Holz

Udo Bächler, Managing Director of Saargummi Construction GmbH gets the fisrt two EPDs for Duraproof from Burkhart Lehmann

Thirty-two IBU member companies were among the participating exhibitors at the DACH+HOLZ trade fair, representing the wide range of roofing and timber construction industry manufacturers and products where EPDs are already being used as data tools for evaluating the environmental performance of construction products.

EPD-Uebergabe Dach+Holz 2018 Sika

Thomas Kison from Sika receives the EPD for Sikaplan U from Dr. Burkhart Lehmann (IBU)

Included among these firms were several companies who have recently created new EPDs for their products and had them verified by the IBU. Burkhart Lehmann therefore took advantage of this opportunity to present Sika Deutschland GmbH with the EPD for Sikaplan U, which is the company’s eleventh environmental product declaration. The FDT company was also presented with three new EPDs for Rhepanol fk, Rhepanol hg, Rhenofol CV, and Rhenofol CG. DURAPROOF technologies GmbH created its first two EPDs last year (for the butyl waterproofing membranes Novoproof (FAI) and the EPDM roofing and waterproofing membranes NOVOPROOF) and the IBU was able to present these during DACH+HOLZ 2018 as well.

FDT Dach+Holz EPD

Dr. Burkhart Lehmann presents three new EPDs to Udo Wagner and Joachim Gussner from FDT

Environmental product declarations (EPDs) contain comprehensive, standardised, and verified information on building product life cycles, including life cycle assessment parameters and test results, providing a detailed assessment of the environmental impact of a building product. They thus form the basis for the assessment of a building’s sustainability. IBU (Institut Bauen und Umwelt e. V.) is a programme operator located in Germany. The IBU publishes EPDs for building materials industry-wide and is currently the leading European organisation that consistently publishes building product declarations in accordance with the European standard EN 15804.

Homatherm VHD IBU

Henrik Ratzow from Homatherm receives the IBU membership certicicate on behalf of the Verband Holzfaser Dämmstoffe.

At the beginning of 2018, a further association, the Verband Holzfaser Dämmstoffe (VHD – a wood-fibre insulation materials manufacturers’ group), joined the IBU, and was officially welcomed by the IBU at the trade fair. Henrik Ratzow from the firm Homatherm accepted the IBU membership certificate on behalf of the VHD. Homatherm is also currently in the process of creating EPDs within the IBU program. The on-going high demand for environmental product declarations at the IBU is proof of the importance that EPDs hold as a tool for the quantitative and reliable communication of the environmental performance of construction products, which then forms the basis for sustainable building and for the assessment of buildings from a sustainability perspective.

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