Current decisions of the Advisory Board

SVR Decisions from June 2018

The IBU Advisory Board (SVR) decided in its last meeting in June 2018 on these topics.

A supplement in the PCR Part A

Decision no. 20180629-c: IBU as a supplement in the PCR Part A

Use of the European power mix data for calculating the EPD results of the use phase (Module B 6) is specified as a general reference scenario in the IBU range and regional details are also possible which require explanation in the EPD.

Requirements on (partially) automated software systems for generating and approving EPDs (so-called EPD tools)

Decision no. 20180629-f:

Section 7.2 “Requirements on (partially) automated software systems for generating and approving EPDs (so-called EPD tools)” and the accompanying process instructions are integrated in the general IBU programme instructions – this decision is published in advance on the IBU homepage.

Decision no. 20180629-g:

A new verifier is assigned for an extension or new approval of an EPD tool.

PDF document: “Requirements on (partially) automated software systems for generating and approving EPDs (so-called EPD tools)”

Results of the verifier meeting

The following text is deleted in section 5.5.2 of the PCR Part A:
If no specific information for the R1 value of the incineration plant is available, it is assumed for Germany that packaging material and, if applicable, product waste from the installation process are treated thermally in an incineration plant with R1<0.6. Thus, the loads from the combustion process of packaging are to be declared in module A5, the resulting energy benefits in module D.

The following text is retained:
When modelling the incineration plant, care shall be taken to ensure that the inventoried incineration plant corresponds to the assumed R1-value.

Decision 20180629-i:

The text change in section 5.5.2. of the PCR Part A is accepted.

Decision no. 20180629-j:

The CML 2001 (version 2012) remains the basis for the results in the EPD until implementation of the EN 15804:2012+A1:2013/prA2.

Communication of new SVR decisions to the verifiers

Decision 20180629-k: IBU

Reference is regularly made in the IBU newsletter to the SVR decisions. No further action is necessary here. The PCR Part A are updated at least once a year in accordance with the decisions of the SVR. This takes place prior to the annual verifier meeting.

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