SVR Deci­sions from June 2018

The IBU Advi­so­ry Board (SVR) decid­ed in its last meet­ing in June 2018 on these topics.

A sup­ple­ment in the PCR Part A

Deci­sion no. 20180629‑c: IBU as a sup­ple­ment in the PCR Part A

Use of the Euro­pean pow­er mix data for cal­cu­lat­ing the EPD results of the use phase (Mod­ule B 6) is spec­i­fied as a gen­er­al ref­er­ence sce­nario in the IBU range and region­al details are also pos­si­ble which require expla­na­tion in the EPD.

Require­ments on (par­tial­ly) auto­mat­ed soft­ware sys­tems for gen­er­at­ing and approv­ing EPDs (so-called EPD tools)

Deci­sion no. 20180629‑f:

Sec­tion 7.2 “Require­ments on (par­tial­ly) auto­mat­ed soft­ware sys­tems for gen­er­at­ing and approv­ing EPDs (so-called EPD tools)” and the accom­pa­ny­ing process instruc­tions are inte­grat­ed in the gen­er­al IBU pro­gramme instruc­tions – this deci­sion is pub­lished in advance on the IBU homepage.

Deci­sion no. 20180629‑g:

A new ver­i­fi­er is assigned for an exten­sion or new approval of an EPD tool.

PDF doc­u­ment: “Require­ments on (par­tial­ly) auto­mat­ed soft­ware sys­tems for gen­er­at­ing and approv­ing EPDs (so-called EPD tools)”

Results of the ver­i­fi­er meeting

The fol­low­ing text is delet­ed in sec­tion 5.5.2 of the PCR Part A:
If no spe­cif­ic infor­ma­tion for the R1 val­ue of the incin­er­a­tion plant is avail­able, it is assumed for Ger­many that pack­ag­ing mate­r­i­al and, if applic­a­ble, prod­uct waste from the instal­la­tion process are treat­ed ther­mal­ly in an incin­er­a­tion plant with R1<0.6. Thus, the loads from the com­bus­tion process of pack­ag­ing are to be declared in mod­ule A5, the result­ing ener­gy ben­e­fits in mod­ule D.

The fol­low­ing text is retained:
When mod­el­ling the incin­er­a­tion plant, care shall be tak­en to ensure that the inven­to­ried incin­er­a­tion plant cor­re­sponds to the assumed R1-value.

Deci­sion 20180629‑i:

The text change in sec­tion 5.5.2. of the PCR Part A is accepted.

Deci­sion no. 20180629‑j:

The CML 2001 (ver­sion 2012) remains the basis for the results in the EPD until imple­men­ta­tion of the EN 15804:2012+A1:2013/prA2.

Com­mu­ni­ca­tion of new SVR deci­sions to the verifiers

Deci­sion 20180629‑k: IBU

Ref­er­ence is reg­u­lar­ly made in the IBU newslet­ter to the SVR deci­sions. No fur­ther action is nec­es­sary here. The PCR Part A are updat­ed at least once a year in accor­dance with the deci­sions of the SVR. This takes place pri­or to the annu­al ver­i­fi­er meeting.