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Weitzer Parkett GmbH & Co. KG

Klammstraße 24
8160 Weiz

Tobias Saurugger-Pölzl, manager customer service
Tel.: +43 3172 2372 460
Fax: +43 3172 2372 22460

Member since 2015

about the Member:

Weitzer Parkett was founded in 1831 in Weitz, Austria. It is has been a family-run business for seven generations employing about 650 people. According to Weitzer, it is the market leader in Austria for parquet flooring and stairs and is also one of the leading European parquet flooring manufacturers worldwide. Weitzer focuses on intelligent parquet and stairs solutions and among its products are maintenance free parquet, healthy and sound-reduction parquet. Sustainability is highly valued in the company and therefore, Weitzer Parkett joined IBU in September 2015. By creating EPDs Weitzer provides comprehensive life cycle information about the environmental impact of its products.  All data are based on the European standard EN 15804, which has been in operation since 2012 for all construction products and various construction services.  IBU is the only organization in Germany to operate an EPD programme across industry sectors for construction products based on the ISO and CEN standard. The European standard EN 15804 is the basis for EPDs that are in effect Europewide and are recommended by the Construction Product Regulation (BauPVO). IBU is the first EPD programme to implement the respective regulations.

“Our products have always exceeded the requirements “, says Tobias Saurugger-Pölzl, head of customer service at Weitzer Parkett, “and owning EPDs will further facilitate matters, especially concerning evidence. Moreover, we think that an EPD shows how serious we are about sustainability and taking on our responsibility towards the environment. “Weitzer Parkett is proud that sustainability is the leading principle at every production stage: According to the company, Weitzer Parkett uses timber almost exclusively from European forests managed on a sustainable basis. Around 50% of this comes from regions within 250 km of Weitzer Parkett, Austria; the rest is prevailingly from neighbouring countries, thereby also minimizing transport distances. Weitzer Parkett abstains completely from using any tropical timber in the manufacturing of its products.

Every tree is used optimally and waste is minimized due to modern and precise processing technologies.  The remaining waste is utilized in the company’s own biomass combined heat and power plant, and from a hydropower station and solar energy systems Weitzer Parkett not only gains enough energy for themselves but also for about 2,000 neighbouring households, i. e. ,about 50 % of the population of Weiz. The robust parquet flooring can be sanded down and renovated several times if required. Weitzer Parkett also offers an overall solution system from parquet flooring to adhesion with neither softening agents nor resolvants utilized. As a result it is easy to use the parquet in a new environment. Insulation underlays and packaging materials are also exclusively environmentally friendly and recyclable.