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Confindustria Ceramica

AddressConfindustria Ceramica
Viale Monte Santo, 40
41049 Sassuolo (MO)

Andrea Contri, Sustainability Manager
Tel.: +39 536 818246

Member since 2016

about the Member:

According to Andrea Contri, Sustainability Manager at Confindustria Ceramica, the Italian Ceramic Industry excels in having a distinct environmental awareness: “Supporting the implementation of certification systems is an example of the Association’s task, as well as commissioning several studies. Furthermore, we take an active part in various panels and organizations, among others, as a founding member in the Italian Green Building Council.“ For some years, Italian ceramic tile manufacturers in particular, have been involved in sustainable development projects, avoiding environmental impacts and minimizing the use of energy and resources, as well as emissions. As a result all production plants had implemented closed water and solid waste circulation cycles.

EPD Tool offers an overall Association solution

Confindustria Ceramica has now created an Association EPD, which was verified and published by the international EPD Programme of IBU. This EPD depicts the environmental performances of an average Italian ceramic tile, so that they can be used for a sustainability assessment within a building certification.  Therefore the EPD gives value to the investments done by Italian  ceramics tile manufactures in reducing their environmental impacts. These average values are only supposed to be the first step. A Software Tool to create EPDs was developed for the Association, which is currently also being verified by IBU.  This EPD Tool will simplify the procedure for tile manufacturers of the Association to supply EPDs, offering manufacturer and product specific data, rather than falling back on average industry data. Initially, developing such a Software Tool involves higher costs and is time consuming compared to creating a single EPD, but on the long run, the effort and expenditure for creating and verifying numerous product specific EPDs can be reduced.  Especially when a company or an association offers several different products, the cost for such a Tools will pay off quickly.

“Italian ceramic tiles are ideal for the use in sustainable construction projects, due to their excellent technical features, quality, their versatility and longevity and design” explains Contri. “Furthermore, 99% of the production waste is recycled, as well as the complete water used,“ adds Andrea Canetti, Manager for Energy and Sustainability at Confindustria Ceramica. In the future, the Association wants to use EPDs to declare and promote sustainability-related features and environmental impacts of Italian ceramic tiles.